Our Story

NOTICE: We are mobilizing our resources to be active in the rebuilding of communities from the effects of Covid-19. All hands will need to be on deck in the next coming months. We can so this. We can survive this. COVID-19.

Your purchase helps our music program to continue its mission of providing instruments for urban and rural kids without access to instruments.

Meet our Founder: Washburn Guitars' endorsed artist (since 2003) and licensed Downtown Music Publishing artist (since 2015) - John Lennon's publishing company.


The Music Cart is the online, dealer licensed, music store with a unique mission. We are a community building organization and proceeds from this store supports our Music Scholarship Program (and other projects for marginalized communities), providing instruments for schools and kids who simply do not have the resources to do so. So far, we have not found another music retail music store with an equally valuable purpose, mission or vision.

When the big retailers denied our request for instruments for marginalized schools and kids, we decided to start anyway using our own resources and with The Music Cart, as their competitor. We can now empower the instrument buying dollar into action and initiatives far beyond just corporate profit. Movement of Music. 

Meet some of the kids we've impacted!

We provided this grand piano for these students in urban New York. Movement of Music.

Students, in the Appalachian region, playing from our continuous shipments of instruments to their completely barren music classes, adding light to their lives.  This student holds and plays a violin for the first time, from several of our shipped  instrument donations to the Appalachian region. Movement of Music.